Very interesting case study of PM Modi

Astrologer Raj
As per the records that I got from circulation within live and print media when Modiji became Prime Minister, that birth chart (Kundli) of Modiji is of Scorpion ascendant which in Hindi is called Vrishchik Lagn. And in that birth chart, there is a conjunction of planet Moon and planet Mars in the first house that is Lagn itself.

So that was termed as Raj yog by learned astrologers after Modiji became prime Minister of India. But what strikes me is the things that are going to
follow or take shape now.

As planet Saturn, in transit, is now in Scorpion(vrishchik) and it entered that house in first week of November 2014.

So this is the start of second phase of saadhe saati for Modiji. And this phase will remain till February 2017. As this has created a conjunction of Saturn in transit with already existing planets MOON and MARS in birth chart of Modiji, it has already started affecting Modiji and his moves.

This transit has already started taking its toll by way of un-necessary utterances by various MP’s of Modiji’ s government, in the form of Delhi Assembly Elections, now in the form of Anna Hazare agitation, un controllable swine flu.

On previous occasion, at the start of sadhe saati, we had mentioned clearly that time is not going to be smooth for Modiji henceforth and he will have to be very cautious and careful in all his decisions and actions.

This portion of sadhe saati, which is going to last till February 2017 is quite capable of creating real trouble for him continuously at regular intervals.  And that may include mental as well as physical problems.

What we feel, as Astrologer, that he should do following remedies to overcome the ill effects:

2) He should avoid BLACK colour totally till February 2017

3)He should wear a coral of 8 to10 carats

4)He should not enter in to partnership with PDP in Kashmir.

-Astrologer Raj
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Note: study done as per the records available from media report of birth chart of Shri Modiji. Utmost care has been taken for the accuracy of the results, but even then, writer of this blog does not issue any warranty for the same.

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