How the transit of Saturn through Scorpion will affect Equity Markets?

It’s a million dollar question that came to our mind after the completion of transit of Saturn through Libra on 02nd November 2014. We had done a detailed research about the effects of transit of Saturn through Libra on equity markets and had come out with the detailed report about the same at the very beginning period of the transit of Saturn through Libra in November 2011.

And in that report, we had clearly mentioned the trend and
likely highs market will achieve till 02nd November 2014 i.e. the concluding date of transit of Saturn through Libra. Our report was right and bang on target with accuracy as high as 80%.

So it gave us enough motivation, enthusiasm and energy to proceed ahead with another thorough research report about the likely effects of transit of Saturn on equity markets when passing through Scorpion. It also gave us another opportunity to improve upon ourselves, compared to last reports performance.

The period of current transit of Saturn is spread from 03rd November 2014 till 26th January 2017, making it a total of almost 27 (twenty seven) months time.

Scorpion is the owner of the eight house in natural horoscope which, in general, is considered a very bad and inauspicious place for any planets to acquire or pass through. And if from such an inauspicious house, a highest grade malefic planet like Saturn passes through, some unexpected and damaging events are sure or most likely to happen or occur.

As the owner of Scorpion, Planet Mars and Saturn are inimical to each other; likely damage could be more than anticipated by all.

While transiting through Scorpion, Saturn will have its tenth aspect on fifth house of natural horoscope, which is owned by Planet Sun and the fifth house is considered as the house of speculation in general.

As Saturn and Sun are inimical planets to each other, the aspect of Saturn on fifth house will cause very high volatility and conditions of uncertainty in equity markets together with good rounds of highs and lows throughout the period of transit.

For once, in initial 10 degrees of transit of Saturn, markets will enter in to bullish scenario and will make great highs. And these highs could be as much as 24% to 32%, from the levels where the Nifty was, at the start of this transit of Saturn. Those starting levels were 8324 on Nifty. So in absolute figures, it comes at 10322 and 10988.

But later on, in last ten degrees of transit, markets will witness a negative scenario and a continuous fall, till the Saturn moves out of the Scorpion and this fall will continue in to first three months of next transit of Saturn through Sagittarius as well.

This fall can take the markets down by more than 8% from the lowest point of the markets hit after the initial start of transit through scorpion which started on 03rd November 2014. That lowest point on Nifty was 7961 on 17th December 2014. So, in absolute figures, the most likely bottom level on Nifty could be as low as near 7300. That means, after achieving the top as mentioned above, markets will come down crashing to as low as 7300 on Nifty.

Period between the first ten degrees and last ten degrees will be a period of sideways to negative moves.

Generally, transit is divided in three parts of 10 degrees each, as the total period of transit is always 30 degrees through one house and its common for all planets. It’s divided in three parts, as some planets works with full strength in first part, some in second and some in third part because of their speed in transit.

Being the slowest moving planet among all the nine planets, Saturn works with full strength in last ten (10) degrees of the transit. Hence, the malefic and inimical effects will be witnessed and visible in last phase of the transit of Saturn through scorpion.

In order to understand the same in time period way, we divide the total period of transit, which is 27 months, in to three parts, so one part works out to be, of nine months. Hence, the first part of nine months starts from 03rd November 2014 till 02nd August 2015. As per our calculations, markets are expected to make great highs in these nine months period.

Saturn has already crossed the initial 10 degrees in transit on 11th February 2015, But as Saturn will go retrogate (reverse motion) from 15th March 2015 till 02nd August 2015, there will be rounds of volatility and attempts and reattempts to reach the top in this period as well as in the period after the completion of retrogate motion of planet Saturn.

This is mainly because, Saturn, after completing its retrogate motion (in which it travels in reverse so degrees travelled gets reversed towards starting point) will again start in normal motion to complete the initial 10 degrees of transit, so it will recomplete the initial 10 degrees after the completion of retrogate motion and that date of recompletion of initial 10 degrees will be 31st October 2015.

Hence, the time period for the markets to achieve the great highs gets extended by three months from end of July 2015 to end of October 2015. Highs achieved by October 2015 will not be broken positively or towards upper side in next 18 (Eighteen) Months.

Date: 01st March 2015
Nifty: 8902 (Closing levels on 28/02/2015)

-Astrologer Raj Bang
Cell: 09920202022                    
Note: While all precautions have been taken for the accuracy of the complex calculations, writer of this document makes no warranty either expressed or implied.


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