Pics: Wine Etiquette and Appreciation Session

In a day and age where personal interactions and businesses are no longer limited to skill and acumen; social flair, styling & grooming, etiquette, networking and impressive communication have become extremely essential for one’s professional and personal success.

Being ordinary is no longer acceptable. Identifying this need, Former Miss India Elegance Konkana Bakshi, Founder/Director, Savoir Faire Academie, in collaboration with the Royal British Butler
Institute, hosted a session on wine etiquette and appreciation today at the Luxury Expo, DLF Emporio Mall. Seen at the do were designer Raakesh Agarvwal, Life Coach Ramon Llamba, Rita Gangwani, ​Raunaq Sahni and Rosie Sahni,​ ​Rajeev Sen, Mariella Zanoletti among others

The wine appreciation session was a precursor to the SFA workshops in May, being conducted for the first time in India (Mumbai & Delhi) by experts that have worked with the British Royal Family.

“Wine & Fine Dine is perhaps one of the situations where one’s conduct, confidence and comfort are the most judged. As the art of wine tasting and appreciation is fast catching up in India; there are many who are willing to learn the basic savoir faire for having a wine the right way. With the advent of Spring, we felt it to be the perfect setting for hosting our discerning guests to a session that helps them appreciate the finer things in life”, said Konkana Bakshi.

Everyone present witnessed the sophistication and the avant-garde training provided at the SFA workshops. The wine appreciation session was conducted by sommelier Akshay Aggarwal of Aspri Spirits with an international wine portfolio that included wines like Zonin (Red Italian), Golden Sparrow (White Italian) and Presseco (Sparkling White). Akshay shed light on wine etiquette and basics to succeed in social soirees and business gatherings.

Reiterating the importance of training, Konkana asserted, “People deal with People and that’s how companies and relationships are built. Be it an interview, a presentation or your first date- the impression you cast decides the result you will have.How you conduct yourself in these situations is the telling difference between success and failure.”

In the past, along with a team of in-house experts at Savoir Faire, celebrity trainers such as Sabira Merchant (diction &dining etiquette), Dilip Cherian (Networking & Social skills), Kris Gethin (physical fitness), Jonty Rhodes (agility & work life balance), Pria Kataria Puri (styling & personal grooming – women), Emanuel Balayer (men’s personal grooming) and the likes have conducted very successful workshops and training sessions for clients.

The programs at Savoir Faire enhance your Elegance, Poise, Style & Personal Grooming, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, International Etiquette & Protocol, Networking, and Fitness& Well Being.

About Konkana Bakshi
Having won the Miss Elegance World contest in 2008 and the Miss India East pageant in 2009, Konkana Bakshi is a well-known in India.Her exposure to the business etiquette, social manners and personal grooming that is practiced by the English and the Swiss led her to realize the gaping void that existed amongst the Indian Nationals.
Ms. Bakshi realized that there were no finishing schools in India that would customize and tailor make programs so as to suit the specific requirements of various professionals and homemakers. Thus took place the genesis of Savoir Faire Academie.

About Savoir Faire Academie
Savoir Faire Academie is a personality development and image enhancement platform that contours and customizes topics of training based on individual requirements. Our programs help one maximize potential by helping overcome perceived shortcomings, there by instilling confidence and increasing the rate of success. SFA professionals and experts coach you to perfection in an environment that is highly interactive and creatively charged.

The Academie does not believe in running daily or monthly classes. Instead, we offer especially tailored workshops – each different from the other. Also, we offer one on one training sessions for our private clients, conducted with utmost secrecy and without the disclosure of personal information or individual identity.Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, working professionals, actors, models, brides and grooms to be have experienced the highly empowering workshops at Savoir Faire Academie.

About The Royal British Etiquette Masterclass 
One can now learn the art of negotiating the challenging minefield of social skills, style, etiquette and manners, the true British way from our esteemed panel of celebrity trainers, who have trained Hollywood celebrities, corporate head honchos, professionals working with the royal families, diplomats, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and business professionals across the globe.

And that too at one fourth the usual cost! Savoir Faire Academie, in collaboration with the Royal British Etiquette Institution are conducting a three days certification programme -  Royal British Etiquette Masterclass . For the first time in India, trainers including Butler Extraordinaire-Gary Williams, Fashion Expert-Catherine Macaulay and Hospitality Expert-Philip Sykes will impart to the attendees, knowledge and training on royal sophistication and etiquette that are long forgotten in the new age world.

The three day certification programme is designed to increase success and confidence in both professional and personal situations.

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