SafetyKart announces winners of Women’s Day Competition 2015

Results for SafetyKart Women’s Day Contest 2015 are declared and  9 participants have won a total cash prize worth Rs. 50,000.

The results were announced 8 PM IST via SafetyKart’s Blog Page on 15th March,2015 and all winners were sent email notifications. The details of those who won the contest are as

Category 1 – Growing (6 yrs – 10yrs)
·1st Prize – G. Darshani – Rs. 5,000
· 2nd Prize – MaliniVenkataraman – Rs. 3,000
·3rd Prize – Vaidehi Prakash – Rs. 2,000

Category 2- Still Growing (10yrs – 18 yrs)
·1st Prize – Himani – Rs. 7,500
·2nd Prize – Nandini Prakash – Rs. 5,000
·3rd Prize – VijetaAnand – Rs. 2,500

Category 3 – Grown Ups (18+ Yrs.)
·1st Prize – Saloni Patel – Rs. 10,000
·2nd Prize – SaniaSidiqqui – Rs. 7,500
·3rd Prize – Jyoti Arora – Rs. 5,000

Besides the 9 contest winners, the top 10 entries in each category will receive SafetyKart vouchers worth Rs. 500 each. SafetyKart, the only e-commerce portal dedicated exclusively to health, conducted this Women’s Day Competition for the first time ever.

However, the overwhelming response to the contest, which received participation in thousands, exemplified the success of the initiative and the inclination of young minds towards women empowerment.The winning entries have been published on SafetyKart’s blog, Scroll. Alongside these, some other selective entries can also be found on the site.

“The competition was a huge success. We received hundreds of entries and most of them were great pieces of creativity. I would like to congratulate the winners and hope that they would continue contributing great deal towards the cause of women empowerment”, said Mr. GuhaPatra, Co-Founder& Director at “As for our commitment, we’ll be donating Rs. 5 per registration to We hope this small contribution can pave way for a bigger change in the society”, added Mr. GuhaPatra.

SafetyKart plans to host this competition annually and the great response this year has given a boost to their expectations.More details about the winners can be found at SafetyKart’s Blog Page:

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