Android app to prevent mobile device induced insomnia

Use of mobile devices after sunset makes it difficult for our brain to sleep. The android app, Night Shift, solves this problem.

Insomnia, or not being able to sleep, is emerging as a big challenge with estimated 30% of people in US suffering from it. One of the major cause is the use of digital devices.

LED based, digital screens emit 3 different
colours Red, Green & Blue. When our brain receives Blue coloured light, it perceives it as a signal to get alert. So if we use our mobile phones upto 3 hours before our bedtime (or anytime after sunset), our brain recognizes it as a signal to be alert, and this leads to loss of sleep or insomnia.

The latest research suggests that delayed production of melatonin due to blue light exposure at night is causing far more problems than insomnia, from diabetes and certain types of cancer to lupus and migraine headaches. Optometrists are even seeing high levels of retinal stress in young people.

“Light at night is bad for your health, and exposure to blue light emitted by electronics and
energy efficient light bulbs may be especially so.” Harvard Medical School

Night Shift is an android app which solves this by regulating exposure to blue light emitted from mobile devices. By using this app, a user reduces the amount of blue light he/she is exposed to after sunset, and the user can thus sleep more easily.

Within 2 weeks of its release, the app was in top charts of its category in 22 countries,
including China and Russia.

Apple announced that they will include this as a feature in their new iOS 9.3 to be released in
the later part of 2016. Night Shift Android App is able to provide this feature to all Android
users now, what iOS shall be introducing much later.

You can download the app on Android by searching ‘Night Shift’, or visit www.

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