Perfect angle is breaking the chord with life

Typically, self portrait photography is quite unknown for the youth but when the term “Selfie” is heard instead of that which is its slang form, it sums up the memories, fun, accidents, suicides, politics and has a multiple layer in it approaching every day. What is it? For youth, it has become a fortune but turning into a life-ending process. Getting a perfect angle
is breaking the chord with life as well. It is the saddened fact that when people try to get the techno-savvy recollection of everything they do and feel like they feel whatsoever; they make an effort to upload it on social networking sites, they lose their life as well sometime.

Sharing one’s morning, afternoon and evening time is not at all a bad idea. What is threatening is when they attempt to give a smile to their lens and become their own murderer instead. It has been informed that more humans are dying due to selfie than shark. Recently, three youths drowned while clicking selfie in Jaipur. Nikhil, a 23 old also lost life in Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort on 19th January 2016. Indian cities like Mumbai have started spotting such areas as ‘No Selfie Zone’.

Even, there is a ‘No Selfie Zone’ in Nashik Kumbh Mela to shun the stampede especially during the “Shahi Snan” in September 2015. Selfie is taking the shape of obsession for youth who does not care about anything. The present Prime Minister of India launched ‘Selfie With Daughter’ in 2015 which attracted the netizens a lot. But last year, Russian government’s responsible approach was to come up with the campaign of ‘Safe Selfie’ in which they impart the message of ‘A cool selfie could cost your life’ and guide the selfie lovers to how not to take selfies.

Being cool is not only hurting the people in the course of their own irresponsibility but getting clicked in the backdrop of some bad incidents are also raising others’ blood as they feel disgusted. The social responsibility is getting lost on the social networking space. Technology is advancing day by day with the coming up with different kinds of lenses, camera, mobile phones, selfie-sticks even. But its vitality is getting dampen with the unwanted tragedies happening due to it. But who is liable for that? Selfie can’t be blamed for that. It’s our life, our choice that what do we desire and how we want to accomplish it with conscientiousness or carelessly.


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