Rajasthan rises in Cancer patients

The number of patients is rising every year in Rajasthan by 40,000 new cases and currently, 2.5 lakh patients are there in the state. Health Minister Rajendra Rathore informed while attending the cancer workshop at Health Directorate on Thursday.

Rathore even affirmed that 60% of the cases can be
prevented, if will be diagnosed at the early stage. He later added that it may be possible if people start leading healthy lifestyle. While talking about the threat, he quoted “Cancer is a disease which is turning into epidemic”. 

Rathore explained his plans “We are taking help of NGOs and health experts to diagnose cancer at an early stage so that people can be aware about risk factors and treatment of the disease”.

Concerning about women, he said that 27% women have breast cancer and 23% have cervical cancer. Kota Medical College professor, Dr. Sangeeta Saxena said that breast cancer is even affecting the male-female sex ratio as female patients die due to it. She also added that there are techniques in available treatment to save them.

Principal Health Secretary Mukesh Sharma, National Health Mission (NHM) additional mission director (Rajasthan) Neeraj K Pawan, and Health Director Dr. B R Meena also took part in the workshop and discussed about the useful and effective new technique of screening of women for breast cancer. Pawan informed that a small machine is being used in Churu, Jhalawar and Dholpur districts for this purpose. All the members present there, came up with different suggestions.

They were discussing that the government should make State Cancer/Hospital-Based Cancer Registries, sustainable awareness, benefits of quitting tobacco and the use of 104-toll free number. Some also advised to prioritize train healthcare statewide, annual physical examination and to develop cancer survivor groups for the cause.


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