South India witnesses a steady growth in learning management system applications

Byndr, a learning management system based in Hyderabad is witnessing aggressive growth in the education sector. Since its inception in March 2015, the Byndr platform is consumed by thirty top colleges and universities based out of South India and has a total install base of over 30000 users. 

The app is used by reputed colleges like
Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST), Vardhaman College of Engineering, Vignan Bharathi Institute of Technology, Christu Jyoti Institute of Technology & Science.

Observing an interesting tech problem, wherein most higher education colleges in India are not connected to students on a technology platform for learning, the application was started and is now a handy resource for both teachers and students. Satish Nampally (Hyderabad) and Joseph Freed (Philadelphia), and a team of tech startup enthusiast initiated Byndr international operations in March 2015 and created an infrastructure free platform. 

With co-founders both in India and the U.S., Byndr is a graduate of the education technology incubator at the University of Pennsylvania, the Education Design Studio.  Byndr was also a venture prize winner of best product in higher education at the Milken/Penn education business competition.

With the presences of this application, both teachers and students can now connect on a cloud based platform. Teachers can manage their subjects with easy communication and collaboration. Students stay engaged and connected to educational resources outside of the classroom as the application is built with a fast, light and scalable technology.

With an expansion plan of reaching 100 colleges by the end of 2016 the application is rapidly reaching to other cities like Andhra and Telengana.

About ByndrLaunched in March 2015, Byndr was founded by a team of tech startup enthusiasts split between the US (Philadelphia) and India (Hyderabad), who were motivated by an interesting tech problem wherein most mid-tier higher education colleges in India are not connected to students on a technology platform. 

This combined with the emergence of mobile based internet in emerging markets provided them unique opportunities to come up with this innovative platform. Targeting students of Higher education, the team sets out to solve the problem by connecting with the Colleges and Universities as their main customer to implement their platform for the students.

With Byndr, teachers can administer their subjects with ease from any device whereas students get to stay engaged and connected to educational resources even outside the classroom. The mobile-first platform can go to the markets where large market players cannot go. Byndr takes away all the friction points traditional LMS systems run into, such as setup cost, infrastructure needs, and higher price points.

Built with a fast, light and scalable technology, the platform has been designed around a feed for minimal clicks and faster consumption of information. Moreover, its complete usability on a mobile device makes it a perfect fit for mobile majority internet markets.

About the FounderSatish Kumar Nampally is the Co-founder and India Head of Sales and Operations for Byndr, a cloud-based learning management system designed for students, teachers and colleges on a simple, fast and mobile platform.

Ever since he came fulltime in August 2015, Satish has been shouldering major responsibilities like building the teams and strategies for sales and operations as well as taking care of alliance & partner engagement with the colleges. He has successfully brought 30 Indian colleges on board with Byndr in his first 5 months.

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