Montage Films Giraftaari at Sriram Centre, New Delhi

Giraftaari- a theatre play written and directed by Rama Pandey which is inspired by the German novel “The Trial”. The Hindi translation of this German classic is an experimental drama and depiction of the current social, administrative and legal system in India. On 19th & 20th of May the theatrical adaptation of the novel can be witnessed at Sriram Centre for Arts
& Culture, Mandi House, New Delhi.

Title of the show -          “GIRAFTAARI”
Written & Directed by-      Rama Pandey
Date-         19th & 20th May 2016, 07:00pm
Venue-      Sriram Centre for Arts & Culture,Mandi House, New Delhi

About the Show
The theatre play “Giraftaari” is inspired from German Novel - "Der Prozess" ("The Trial") written by Franz Kafka being one of the most influential writers in 20th century Germany. The story depicts the situation of a person who gets in hold of the jury without even knowing the reason why.

The adaptation of the play is Written, Produced and Directed by Rama Pandey herself on Government and the judiciary system at present. Lead artist will be played by eminent performer Rama Pandey along with Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai and Ashok Vyas.

The show will be presented by expert theatre group “Montage films and Theatre” who specialize in contemporary films dedicated mainly on social issues. They believe in socially relevant theatre and bring young artists like Arman K. Jha, Jattin Sharma, Rajat Arora, Mangat Ram, Amarjeet Arora together.

About montage films
Montage films is company that makes contemporary films apart from being attached to literary works be it books, poems, events, films, television etc.

The company was founded in 1989, since then thousands of films are dedicated to socially relevant subject such muslim women empowerment, India's rich heritage and youth, "Roshni kahan hai" a film on disables, Burn School Awareness programme, Sankalp, TV Shows such as Bagan Bano or Khatoon, Touba Tun Nasuh.

The company has a group of versatile people in the world of television. It has world's best director and producers. The group believe in socially relevant theatre and give young blood chance of creativity. That's why there are 40 young talented and well educated staff in the group.

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