Sanjhi Rajgarhia wins League of Iconic Entrepreneurs Award

Sanjhi Rajgarhia, co- founder of; an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs and caterers in Delhi-NCR, has been awarded the League of Iconic Entrepreneurs Award at the Women Economic Forum.

The Women Economic Forum is the largest summit for
diverse women from across the world to come together to connect and co-create in the service of enhancing women’s leadership and friendship locally and globally in order for women to become proactive agents of change in all spheres of self and society. In keeping with this philosophy, the theme of the conference was “Women: Uplifting & Uniting The World”.

‘’I am truly humbled today by the honour bestowed upon me.’’ Said Rajgarhia, ‘’ is an online market place for home chefs. Currently, we have 600+ passionate home chefs from across Delhi NCR registered on our platform. Our job, is to enable them to make their food dreams a reality. We wanted to create a marketplace ethos for them, within which they can work as independent entrepreneurs from within their homes.’’

According to Sanjhi there has been only a marginal increase in the percentage of women in urban India participating in the organised workforce between 1972 and 2010. Interestingly, according to a report for the International Labour Organization, a significant portion of women engaged in domestic duties in India have reported their willingness to accept work if the said work can be done from home and FoodCloud caters to exactly these women.

Founded in 2014, FoodCloud has come a very long way. It is the best place for one to find and order delicious home-cooked food delivered to your doorstep at amazing prices; made with love! The platform offers a variety of cuisines and menus and have many mouthwatering treats coming from home chefs who cook Austrian, Goan, Kashmiri and belong to these cultures.

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