Daily App Downloads in India Rise 16% in H1, 2016

Daily app downloads in India increased 16% in the first half of 2016 (January-June), according to latest data released by 9Apps, India’s most popular third-party app store and part of Alibaba Mobile Business Group. As of 2016, 9Apps has reached over 250 million monthly active users around the world. According to 9Apps, the peak hour for an app download in
India is 9:00 PM.

Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager, 9Apps says “According to our statistics, tool, social, media and entertainment, apart from gaming, remain the most popular categories for app downloads. Tools make up about 23% of all app downloads; Social about 9%; Entertainment at 7% and music is over 4% of all non-gaming app downloads. The data has been compiled by 9Apps Trends, a public web facility of 9Apps that offers best-in-class data analytics products & services and the most insightful mobile industry analysis.”

Consumption of gaming apps has increased more than that of non-gaming app. The proportion of games in total app downloads has increased to nearly 20% this year versus 17% in 2015. The gaming consumption patterns have become more diversified. Racing and action games, although still the most popular, now make up 43% of all game downloads (versus 53% in 2015). Simulation games are a new trending category, and account for 13% of all game downloads.

“Interestingly, we also find that instead of Rating, Screenshot is the most important factor to attract potential app users. 46% respondents pick Screenshot when asked what affect their willingness to download a mobile game/app from an app store, while only 36% selected Rating. Apps that are better in localised promotion perform better in India” adds Ebrahim.

InDev Program
In April, 9Apps announced the InDev Platform, which is worth $20 million and aims to help local independent and startup developers in India. There are various challenges faced by local developers such as acquiring new users and monetisation. The InDev program will help developers expand user base, aid in publishing, monetising and other aspects like promoting and marketing of apps.

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