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Getting a perfect talent is extremely important to fulfill the empty space in any company.  Talent acquisition requires a lot of research  which probably every HR has to do for getting a perfect match that can take suitable position in the

Nowdays, if we will study  trend , then we will find out that a skill gap has been widen so much that companies are not getting the right talent and a  situation has become worst. Though government is putting their all efforts to provide basic skills needed for a job but still if we look out at a situation deeply then we will find out that students  after graduating from good colleges even they lack the basic skills which are must needed for getting job in any company.

Well it is very necessary that institutions should take prior steps to make the  current situation stable. We  have explored some of the important aspects that companies look for a potential candidate / right talent this includes-

Self branding- It is very necessary to brand yourself. From  linkedIn  account  to Facebook profiles, everything plays an important role and companies do check your network and set approach accordingly.

Building network - Your network matters the most important element that can increase your reputation as well as can help you out in every situation as you will be surrounded by the people who have better knowledge to tackle every situation. So, you can grow by   continuous learning and improvement.

Demonstration of skills and values- Well demonstrating yourself requires your effort to showcase your talent/skills which everyone might not aware of, its like presenting yourself with full of enthusiasm so that people can actually realize your potential.

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 -Aishwarya Mishra

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