Honeymooning In The Land Of Romance!

Over the years, Italy has built a strong reputation as the land of romance and became the desired destination of numerous honeymooners across the globe. Rich in history with stunning architecture and scores of intimate activities to bond with, these must-see spots should definitely be on your honeymoon
bucket list.

A gondola ride on the waterways of Venice is something that has gained a legendary status amongst hardcore romantics. The ride encompasses a distinct aura of serenity and romance in its atmosphere that can be best experienced and not described. But that’s not all when it comes to Venice. While your days will be spent in the midst of the most popular shopping areas in Europe, the city puts on a fairytale vibe as the night descends.

For side of history along with regular adventures, Tuscany is the region to head to. Florence, especially, attracts the most eyeballs in this region with its wealth of history, art and culture. But if history doesn’t interest you, soak in the peaceful environment of Boboli Gardens or visit Ponte Vecchio, for a stunning view of the river flowing through the city.

If your mutual wanderlust impulses still refuse to be satisfied, head into the countryside of Tuscany for a romantic day excursion. The beautiful Medici villas, wine tastings at few of the many vineyards on the outskirts or a visit to some of the most picturesque villages and towns are some of the many experiences you can seek out here.

The moment once reaches Amalfi Coast; they can’t help but become dazzled by its picturesque coastline stretches that remain untouched and fascinatingly beautiful to gaze at. Situated across a steep landscape, the coast is dotted with beautiful towns and villages like cherry on a cake. For best views of this enchanting coast, check out the various viewpoints on the cliff. Or better, take a short cruise to the locations along the coast and breathe in the fresh sea smell up close and personal, with your partner alongside, for some quiet yet perfect moments.

Located in the northwestern corner of Italy, Piedmont offers views of mountain ranges that make up the Alps. The timeless aura of the castles and palaces scattered in this region has the power to take you and your beloved into an ambience that brings you closest to fairytales. Away from the hustle and bustle of famous Italian cities, seek out this wondrous experience of an untouched beautiful side of Italian culture.

Hands down, one of the busiest cities in Italy, Naples is where you can truly experience the frantic energy of busy Italian life. For a city that saw the origins of pizzas, you can sure expect some of the most scrumptious delicacies in the restaurants here. As for the fun scale, Naples ranks pretty high up with countless shops, nightlife opportunities and beaches to hang out around.

Saving the most popular for the last, Rome is a city we all have heard of at some point in time. One just can’t get enough of this city that’s brimming with so many incredible sights, cultures and experiences packed in one location. As you walk hand in hand exploring this incredible city with your better half, you are sure to find yourself lose track of time as the strong cultural ambience sweeps you off your feet just like the time when you first fell in love.

Viren Batra, CEO & Co Founder of nirvana excursion said, “Italy is an enchanting amalgamation of popular bustling cities and laidback secluded regions that leave you feeling welcomed, relaxed and absolutely ready to take on the world, being an extremely popular destination, though, it can get quite crowded with tourists, unless you know the right time to travel and the right places to visit.”

-Ishta Gupta

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