Hidden Gems Places in Odisha

Maybe today's situation might feel like the end of the world but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With that hope if you are planing to "what to do " after this whole quarantine thing gets over. Even if after this quarantine period gets over. Travelling abroad still might not be the wisest thing. So, Here is a place that should be on your bucket list in the near future which can be a domestic and pocket friendly trip for your adventurous soul.

The land of temples can be your perfect gateways destination which will Definately will open up your spiritual and asthetic journeys. Located on the cost of bay of Bengal a small state of population of 4.6 crore. Not only had it been in the eye of best preserved cultural and heritage but also in the list of top 100 smart cities of the word ranking the on the numbers 20.
So here are the Hidden of Odisha

1. Simlipal National park, Baripada
Home to more than 12 bengal Tigers, asian elephants and chausingha. They national park has more to offer other than the wildlife. Covering 2750 km with beautiful waterfall like bareipani and jurunda and dense forest filled with wildlife is the perfect to have a no technology day to spend. They also offer a local village habitant as your personal guide and chef which let you get the experience of the mother nature.
2. Satkosia, Nayagarh
Maybe we can't go to Switzerland even after the quarantine period is over for a while but this destination will bring Switzerland feels to you in your home country. Not only it is a tiger reserve but also a crocodile basking point on the bank of Mahanadi. They also facilitate for the overnight Nature camping on the riverbed during dry season.
3. Ratnagiri, Udaigiri and Lalitgiri monastery, Jajpur
The three monastery are located nearby to eachother on the three hills as named above. The three monasteries have been huge attraction for tourism. The Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri monastery also have museums where the artifacts from all three sites have been found. An excellent place for all the history and archaeology lovers to explore.
4. Jeerang, Chandragiri
Inaugurated by Dalai Lama himself the monastery has been a spiritual centre for the buddhist pilgrimage traveller has also been a hot spot for tourism. You can experience the life of monk by getting a chance to stay with them in the monastery. You can pray, eat, study and even play football with the monks. What a Life right. This destination is the perfect spiritual gateway you need.
5. Gopalpur Beach, Ganjam
Are bored of the crowed Puri beach or it's your first time to odisha but you feel like puri is too overrated for you to visit first then gopalpur beach is Here for you. The less crowed but equally beautiful beach is also a must visit with the berhampur city. The gopalpur bech was once the bustling marine zone before 2nd world war. Thus it still had the ruined colonial style building and mansion of the european merchants.
6. Hirakund Dam, Sambalpur
It is the name you must have read in your GK book for being the longest dam in the world. It has been one of the primary hotspot for tourism for being India's largest artificial lake. Also the fact that it is home to so many bird species like Pochards. Definately it's a favourite place to visit for the birdwatchers.
7. Sanaghagra Waterfall, Keonjhar
If roughly translated the name means small waterfall. As per the same the waterfall is Indeed small which is located in the valley of Telqui Ghati. The speciality of this waterfall is the water comes from another bigger waterfall named Badhghagra which means big waterfall. Other than the simplicity and innocence in the naming of the waterfall. It has been one of the best picnic stops for tourist to send a day full of Nature.

-Durgesh Nandini Naik


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