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The rush of adrenaline has quivered the interest of many whether it is a blitz ride down the rollercoaster or that one fearless jump ascending towards the incredible experience of sky diving. Enthusiasts have managed to find a way to feed their adventure hungry mind through several of these headstrong activities. Recent years of study shows a new astonishing field of adventure that has been ventured by fanatics This is the spooky haunted supernatural territory. Fashionably these clan likes to address themselves as the SPNFamily or the Supernatural Family. No matter what the reach of Science is this fandom will never fail to justify their deep-seated hypothesis on the unthinkable and unexplainable plethora of life. Folks falling under this category delve into spectral subjects surrounding ghosts, witchcraft and even demonic indulgence in mundane life.
For quiet an amount of time the supernatural believers restricted their studies to books and the internet. But with the up and coming new forms of exploration and ideas where practical activities are being conducted, enthusiast of the supernatural possessing the courage of steel are not stepping back from traversing the many discovered haunted areas. So all you ghost hunters prepare your paranormal gears as the following article brings you 5 of the most haunted places in Kolkata along with their bone chilling history that could turn your blood into cold ice.

Among the most haunted destinations of Kolkata this stands the first place for the surreal narrative it delivers. Popularly known as the racecourse this historical concreate of Kolkata was once a go to destination for horse riding enthusiast British elite class individuals. Though in recent years it has grown a reputation of several spooky legends of being a haunted destination trailed down by oral literature the marvellous monument hasn’t lost its charm specially among paranormal lovers. The famous folklore associated with the place is both mystical and chilling at the same time. A snow-white horse is witnessed riding away in the moon lit night of full moon.
What makes the story of this haunted destination of Kolkata unique successively adding to the thrill is the contrasting idea of an animal spirit. Among the few workers who have encountered the experience of sighting the ghost demonstrate it to be the deplored spirit of Sir Henry William’s champion horse named Pride that haunts the place. Whose demise was met on that very race field itself.

When we comprehend the thought of most haunted destinations in Kolkata our mind wonders to the ancient buildings but a recent yesterday for example an intensely busy metro station could be the storehouse of eerie anecdotes. One such destination is the Rabindra Sarovar metro station that acquired its spooky popularity from its many late night occurring. Witnesses have confessed emergence of unascertained distinct shadows crossing path on the railway tracks. Some have also voiced about the bizarre hearing often heeded in the last compartment of the train.
This particular haunted destination has Kolkata have remarked many suicides down the year and legends has it that these dismal souls of the victims are responsible behind the paranormal conjuring’s. Taking a walk down the platform at night is without a doubt not an activity designed for the faint hearted.

Did you know the monument that is now under educational centre Calcutta University of Women’s College is also considered one of the most haunted destination of Kolkata? The diversity of the eeriness can be categorized by the many folklores and myths testifying the conjuring status of the place. The aspect that draws supernatural enthusiast towards the destination is that it is not a house for one haunting rather there are a number of ghastly stories associated with the place. The tale behind the name is the haunting of Warren Hastings himself. Students are witness to footsteps hearing inside the building. The story follows the tragic misfortune of Hasting being impeached from his position. Paranormal believers state Hasting’s supernatural occurring to be the final desperate attempt to search for some papers that could have saved him from the judgement.
The other legend of this haunted destination of Kolkata mentions a young boy meeting his end after being heavily injured. Students also state playing football in this field has never failed to end up in an injury. Needless to say, it takes a brave heart to explore these grounds.

Nothing frightens an individual more than a enraged spirit. The stories of Khidirpore Dock can successfully chill the bones of the bravest of them all. The myth of this haunted destination of Kolkata narrates a story of the establisher of the dock himself, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. The story continues to state how nawab was dumped into the water from his own dock itself and about the betrayal followed by the ultimate annihilation he faced on the hands of British Officers associated with the East India Company.
The workers of the haunted destination have reported their witnessing of eerie shadows loitering the area. This is recognized to be the vengeful spirit of the nawab who couldn’t descend to the afterlife because he is still waiting to fulfil his vendetta with the British officials.

Though this particular haunted destination of Kolkata is still resided by mortals the third floor is still locked and kept out of reach for all the blood icing stories related to the place. One has to be a passionate supernatural enthusiast to explore the area without rise of heart palpitation. The place has accounts of disturbed history regarding numerous numbers of torturous activities conducted on woman including abduction, sexual abuse, rape and even murder by some elite men of Bengal at that time period.
The residents of this haunted destination of Kolkata discloses faintly audible cries of woman along with footsteps. The clattering of bangles with the chimes of anklet all together vouches for an extremely paranormal experience. One might often question the reasoning behind the name without any plausible mention of dolls. The name actually justifies the inhumanly heinous crimes committed against those women objectifying them as nothing more than dolls.

Deepanwita Dey
She has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual amble through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. Pursuing Mass Communication in Amity University Kolkata she is diligently following her passion for the quill.


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