When talked about Rudraksha it is impeccable to mention the uncanny miracle the beads hold that can safeguard the aura of a person by altering it into a source of positive vibrations, it can also protect us from the pessimistic thoughts being jinxed on us throughout the day. The power of the application of Rudraksha also leads to a stable mindset and the ability to have a control over one’s thoughts resulting into a well-informed decision-making capacity. Rudraksha are seeds extracted from the from this large evergreen broad-leaved tree called Elaeocarpus ganitrus and then stitched into the mala or garland whose fist records were received from the pages of a manuscript dated 3000 years old. It is familiarized around the globe by its extensive usage and achieving favourable results. Science says there should be 108 beads with an extra addition of one bead call bindu which prevents the cyclic dimension of the mala, this cycle can eventually make a hyper sensitive person dizzy and dazed because of the intense aptitude it holds, so it’s advisable to sew the mala in the correct manner and also it is imperative to apprehend that the effects of Rudraksha can vary from one individual to other, this depend on the professional advice and supervision the person consults with, before taking up the convention of the beads. The most important factor that decides the virtue of the Rudraksha mala is the number of mukhis or faces it holds. The increase in the number will also surge the rarity and magnitude of the beads. It should be kept in mind that an object with such intensity have to be directed with utmost care so a beginner should always outset with one mukhi Rudraksha. This is what we are going to discuss, the good an bad of one mukhi Rudraksha and how it can benefit us,  in today’s writeup.
Why a beginner is advised for the application of ‘ek mukhi Rudraksha’ or one faced bead is because it is considered the most auspicious and it is known to bring concentrated unadulterated positive energy in the individual’s life. As mythology states in its early records that Rudraksha beads are nothing but solidified tears of lord almighty Shiva dawned from the compassion he felt after witnessing the sufferings of mankind. The soul reason for the Rudraksha beads to be descended on the planet is for the mortal beings to acquire them in order to diminish their pain and anguish. Now one beaded Rudraksha is considered to be the rarest of them all because it is believed that one mukhis are assimilated from the third eye, concluding the power being ruled by Shiva himself. The rarest Ek mukhi Rudraksha is found in Indonesia, Nepal and parts of South India. The shape resembles that of a vertical eye similar to the third eye and the earmarked planet documented is Neptune so people born under the influence of this planet will benefit the most from the seed.
A one seeded Rudraksha is trusted to provide divine idolization so people bearing it release a very optimistic vibe which is accepted around every social being whether it is in work space or personal life. An utmost holy and spiritual object like this can also administer ultimate consciousness about one’s surrounding and the potential to understand other people’s intention towards them because of the clarity of mental state the seed delivers. Wearing an ek mukhi Rudraksha can contribute in both materialistic and spiritual fulfilment in one’s lifetime. A very crucial welfare that this one faced seed holds is the capability to draw evil and unfair thoughts from somebody’s mindset, it is advisable that people who have sinned or have been victim to arbitrary temptations can assist themselves from the application of this seed, one mukhi Rudraksha makes guides a person through the path of light and falicitate them to fulfil their ambition in a healthy and righteous manner. In the world of astrology in certain readings of an individual’s chart the negative effects of malefic planets are sighted, in this situation an ek mukhi Rudraksha can be of great usage to abolish and invalidate the consequences of the graha dasha, because of its assertive competence of turning negative endurance into a positive outcome. It can’t be counted and documented in few words the immense favourable qualities of one mukhi Rudraksha so to conclude a few, it includes diminishing of stress and anxiety and providing phycological peace, praying with one mukhi seed can heightened concentration power and fearlessness. If suffered from any substance addiction, its application can assure relief from it and ultimate serenity. Moreover, having a strong spiritual belief over this one mukhi Rudraksha seed can change your outlook towards the external world and give you certainty of future.

- Deepanwita Dey

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