Prediction 2020 Two by Rajkishore Bang

This blog is in continuity of the blog written on 11th April, 2020.
1) In transit, all the seven planets, are moving in between the clutches of Dreaded planets Rahu & Ketu at regular intervals forming "Kal Sarp Dosh" starting from 12th April and till 15th July 2020.

2) In transit, Saturn & Jupiter are conjoined in Makar (Capricorn) Rashi till 30th June AND shall be conjoined again from 20th November till 06th April 2021. Historically this conjunction in transit has given more bad results than good.

3) Starting from 5th June 2020 and till 5th July 2020, within the span of 30 days, we all shall be witnessing the Occurrence of Three Eclipse. On 5th June it's Lunar Eclipse, on 21st June it is Solar Eclipse & finally on 5th July 2020 it's again Lunar Eclipse.

4) Whenever 3 Eclipse occurs within the span of 30days, six months prior & 12 months after the Occurrence, people's around the world or masses have to face troubles and difficulties with deterioration in quality of life and business.

5) Eclipse of 5th June 2020 is taking shape in Vrishchik (scorpion) Moon sign. So, the Individuals whose Moon sign is Vrishchik (Scorpion) may feel some negative energy and not so good effect on their personal and professional front.

6) Eclipse of 21st June 2020(Solar Eclipse) is taking shape in Mithun (Gemini) moon sign. Rahu is also transiting through same Moon sign on that day & Most important fact to note here is Sun, Moon & Rahu, while moving through Mithun(Gemini), will be within the Radius of 5°degree that too without any beneficial aspect. This situation doesn't augur well for Kark (Cancer) moon sign individuals & to some extent Mithun (Gemini) moon sign individuals.

7) DOB of Hindustan taken as 15th August 1947, Midnight, Delhi (could be subject to debate). According to the above data, Saturn Antardasha (Sub period) has started in Moon Mahadasha (main period) from December 2019 and will end in July 2021. Moon-Saturn are forming "VISH-YOGA" In the chart. So, this period might not yield positive results for the country on several fronts.

8) Transit of: Saturn in Makar(Capricorn), Debilitated Jupiter in Makar(Capricorn), Rahu in Mithun (Gemini) till 23rd September 2020 than in Vrishabh (Tauras) till 12th April 2022(Ketu by default @180°from Rahu always) Six planets in retrogression during 3 Eclipse period (Saturn/Jupiter/Venus/Mercury/Rahu/Ketu/Pluto), 3 Eclipse in 30 days period. Combined effect of all these could be; Disaster-man made/natural, deviation in weather conditions, untimely or sudden death of head or prominent person of family or leader of a Sect or powerful person with mass appeal.

9) So, we can conclude that period till 15th July 2020 seem to be less positive and more troublesome. AND, even after that period till June 2021 demands reasonable degree of caution, care and positive attitude.

Rajkishore Bang
(Founder) Astro-Tech Analytics
Cell: 09920202022    

Note: we do not guarantee anything, we are trying to explain what could be the probability of events due to transitory phases of planets and other events, with the best possible knowledge of astrology and with honesty. Thanks.

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