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Mental Health Awareness is basically for making us aware that our psychological well-being is vital for our own health, productivity, and happiness. However, it is due to the lack of this awareness and the stigma attached to therapy, that people hesitate in seeking help!

 Social media can turn out to be stressful for a lot of people, especially in the case of college students and young adults. It can definitely take a toll on their mental health. Research has also pointed out that spending too much time on social media leads to various issues like decrease in self-confidence, cyberbullying, anxiety & depression. Also, when hurtful and negative comments are expressed by friends or any extended community which we are a part of - it is easy to embrace negativity, feel pangs of loneliness as well as isolation from the rest of the world.

On the other hand, GoodLives is making social media play an instrumental role in spreading awareness about mental well-being. As it gives the freedom to express yourself anonymously and open up about your feelings. Self-disclosure on social media in sensitive matters of the mind can prove to be quite therapeutic for a lot of people who would be clearly embarrassed in an offline setting.

Power of social media can be realized when a lot of influencers who step up on these platforms to spread a positive word to their loyal followers and audience. An Instagram live session enables you to broadcast your video to your audience in real-time and you can actually help people in understanding the importance of taking care of your mental health, how to deal with problems relating to depression, anxiety, etc. and why they should consider approaching therapy.

GoodLives that has done quite a remarkable job in conducting mental health awareness sessions to reach out to as many people as possible. GoodLives wants people to know that they help people go through a beautiful healing process via different forms of therapy like music, expressive arts, and talk-based therapy. They conduct Instagram Lives at least twice a week to make people comfortable with the idea of therapy. These mental health awareness sessions comprise a candid conversation between the therapist and an influencer who vouches to contribute his/her thoughts towards this social cause. In a span of a few weeks, they brought on board various influencers like Ambuja Naik, Bhavin Bhavsar, Kavea R Chavali, Ashna Arif, Meghasree Bose, Shanaya Nitin Arora, and many more whose professions range from solo-travelling enthusiasts to models to photographers and content creators. Many other influencers played their part by posting a reel about how GoodLives helps in educating people about the benefits of therapy where hassle-free sessions can be booked which shall be kept confidential.

When it comes to unfurling concerns about psychological health, all these lovely people came together and strengthened our initiative with their strong and powerful voices. They made sure their words touched the hearts of many and brought about a change in their perspectives and hence the word "therapy" is destigmatized! These live sessions are conducted alongside one of the counseling psychologists from GoodLives and they aim to start a discussion on topics like how to deal with anxiety, what are the different types of self-care, how travelling can help boost mental health etc. The floor is always open to the audience for asking any more questions or clarifying any kind of doubts.

GoodLives wants people to focus more on being positive. The Instagram live sessions conducted so far have approximately addressed an audience of at least 6 lakh people.

Be it an award-winning anchor or a food blogger, everybody joined their hands in unison with GoodLives to map people to the right therapist and to help each individual fight their battles. A webinar was also held with Bansal Institute of Engineering & Technology where the anxiety and stress-related issues of college students were highlighted in the session and discussed in length with one of the therapists from GoodLives.

GoodLives team is working tirelessly towards this cause and they believe that everyone deserves to have a Good Life!

Let me conclude with a famous saying by Aristotle Onassis “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”

- Aishwarya Mishra
Mental Health Advocate at GoodLives

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