Livpure 2020 Christmas sale: Flat discounts on all Mattresses & Accessories

Christmas is right around the corner and Livpure is in Cahoots with the Santa himself this time by announcing great deals on its each product. Livpure, a well-established brand in India, recently entered into sleep and wellness business, and is all set to jingle all the way this Christmas by announcing

attractive offers. The brand has announced its first ever Christmas sale which is already live and will be until 27th December so that everyone can have a Silent Night and a Holy Night. Livpure is offering Flat 25% off on all the mattresses and Flat 15% off on all accessories. Additionally, the launch bundle offers on mattress + double size comforter can be availed with 25% off.

For the ones who are health conscious and are planning to enhance their bedrooms, this is the best opportunity to buy India’s first ever all-Natural Ayurveda inspired mattress. The mattress is made from materials like plant & nut-based oils and sandalwood infused latex. The memory foam is made from plant-based oils and latex is obtained from Kerala rubber plantations. Best part is the lavender infused cover which releases a faint lavender scent when you touch the fabric.

In the pillows section, Livpure has introduced activated charcoal induced pillow which is safe to use for your skin. This pillow has the goodness of charcoal in it, protecting you from pollutants while you are asleep. The Cervical Pillow is yet another product from Livpure which is specially designed to provide your neck a perfect support while you sleep and reduce spondylitis pain. The brand has recently launched pillow for back support that can be used while you are working or even while long drives.

The company’s CEO, Pritesh Talwar said, “This is Livpure Sleep’s first Christmas and we wanted to celebrate our new business by spreading joy. We are learning to scale and also building the sleep and wellness business at the same time as we are putting a lot of efforts to grow the business while building the platform. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Apart from the rich quality mattresses and pillows, Livpure offers a variety of bed linens such as Mattress Protector, Egyptian Cotton Bed sheets and All-Weather Comforter and other home accessories. The brand’s sleep innovations are available online through its website ( and its partner platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, PepperFry & Saraf Furniture.

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