CLOCR brings to India the One Tool for Your Family to Organize, Manage and Pass on Your Digital Legacy the RIGHT Way

CLOCR Inc., an Austin, Texas-based computer software company, short for “Cloud Locker” is India’s first all-in-one estate planning and disbursement platform designed specifically for digital assets. The company established in 2018 simply focuses on a better solution to the problem of passing on digital assets the right way. 

It eliminates uncertainty and removes the obstacles of cost, procrastination, and frustration.  Having its unique diversity spotlight and award-winning presence in the US market, CLOCR founded by the Daughter-Father duo - Ms. Apoorva Chintala and Mr. Sree Chintala, officially enters the Indian market. The pandemic situation as COVID has made the need for an All-In-One Legacy Planning Online Tool for passing on a person’s digital legacy even more important.

Everyone in this 21st century, across all social strata, owns dozens of different online accounts and conducts online transactions. The account details, passwords, and the data stored within are the digital assets that everyone tries to keep safe and secure. If anything were to happen to any of these people, all of his/her online accounts would be stranded without a designated owner, making these accounts easy targets for hackers and identity thieves, even potentially exposing the person’s family to financial risks.

CLOCR, a SaaS (Software as a Service), is the First-of-its-kind All-In-One Legacy Planning Online Tool for Arranging Digital Assets after a Loved One’s Death, now available in the Indian market. 

CLOCR empowers its users to efficiently organize their digital assets including all accounts (social media and others) and files, identify their righteous heirs, and provide these heirs access to the digital legacies of their loved ones. The company also provides an array of instructions on how any user’s assets can be disbursed to their selected beneficiaries.

CLOCR offers Digital Estate Solution with an easy-to-use online tool to create a will for digital assets set up, manage, and pass-on all digital assets the legal way. CLOCR also facilitates a Time Capsule, where they capture memories, messages, advice to pass on to their client’s loved ones. Most importantly, CLOCR Digital Vault extends a personal, digital safety deposit box with state-of-the-art encryption and security. CLOCR is a 21st Century Digital Cloud space, where one can keep track of one’s beneficiaries and vice-versa.

This proprietary, patent-pending, multi-layered security protocol is built on IPFS and blockchain concepts. If one delves into their work-process, the company marks its steps as - digitally shred the encrypted files, encrypt the pieces, and spread them across different cloud storage locations. Even if someone hacks into a single storage location, they will not be able to view the file.

In the words of the creator of this SaaS, Ms. Apoorva Chintala, CEO/ Co-Founder, CLOCR INC. “The very foundational concept of CLOCR is close to my heart. I lost my grandfather in 2015, and I saw my father painfully executing the role of accessing and protecting his father’s digital assets. My grief turned to my inspiration and CLOCR is the result that we have today. CLOCR with an intuitive user interface and its patent-pending security platform has created impressive digital asset storage and distribution platform with the most secure personal storage available to its users. The dawn of the digital age has empowered society to effectively and creatively solve all sorts of life issues, and I think, we’ve dealt with an extremely ‘Sensitive’ one with CLOCR, forever.”

A successful serial entrepreneur and the CTO/ Co-Founder of CLOCR INC., Mr. Sree Chintala, says, “CLOCR is an all-in-one digital legacy planning service for families to safely store their digital assets and be able to share them the right way. It is like having a safety deposit box in cloud storage, and that’s where the name CLOCR comes from. Management and protection of digital assets after death have become intensively complex since the COVID pandemic. This painstaking and woeful task will be a word of the past. In a short span, CLOCR has made an impressive case of its ‘Digital Vault’ feature internationally, and now we see the befitting time to enter the Indian market with our ‘Unique’ services.”

CLOCR INC. was founded on Nov. 18th, 2018. CLOCR offers customizable onboarding that makes it easy to create more than 150 of the most used online accounts and creates alerts if one’s estate becomes incomplete, beneficiaries deny a bequest, or if an account is disbursed due to incapacity or death. The system can even track who has assigned an individual as their beneficiary to get a more nuanced understanding of assets. CLOCR is working with the mission to provide peace of mind to its customers around the world by eliminating the pain and frustration in creating and managing their digital assets through personalized AI/ML-powered predictive and suggestive insights.

CLOCR is the industry’s first all-in-one “Digital Legacy Planning & Disbursement Platform” for online accounts & digital assets. CLOCR empowers it’s users to efficiently organize their digital assets (online accounts and files), identify their heirs, and allow them to access what is needed in case of an emergency and death. The users can also provide a hierarchy of instructions on how their digital assets can be disbursed to their selected beneficiaries. CLOCR’s proprietary, patent-pending, multi-layered security protocol is built on IPFS and blockchain concepts. CLOCR digitally shreds the encrypted files, encrypts the pieces and spreads them across different cloud storage locations. Even if someone hacks into a single storage location, they will not be able to view the file. CLOCR is the only solution that offers all-inclusive legacy planning features, patent-pending security and simple user interface.

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