Just when it seemed like the world was cruising along at a leisurely pace, the pandemic came out of the left field and again, gave a jolt to all. In the aftermath of the pandemic and the lockdown, a number of concerns surfaced which led to problems for Indian youth, the most pressing being unemployment,

limited access to education, and poverty. Young people have been the hardest hit by the recession and mental health is also a major threat. The youth of India are confronted with a complex situation, and providing them with a solution is of paramount importance. In the face of the difficult situation, students of ARTH School of Technologies organized a web event to address the issue and address the challenges presented by pandemics while offering entrepreneurship space, solutions, and opportunities. In addition to featuring students who worked and studied from home, the web event also highlighted student success stories who developed technologies to alleviate covid circumstances and enhance social welfare.

Under initiatives by Vimal Daga, Ace technology genius and philanthropist, and Preeti Daga, Lifestyle coach this insightful web event was organized. Conference explored a wide range of issues with the aim of addressing these. While being creative during lockdown these students ensured to launch and work on technologies that aim towards social upliftment and ease the Pandemic situation.

These events drew students from Jaipur, UDAIPUR, Delhi, CHANDIGARH, Bengaluru, and other parts of India and provided pathbreaking solutions to combat the crisis for students and aspiring professionals. Ways on turning difficult situations into opportunities by focusing on ways to work through them. Students also spoke about how they stepped out of their comfort zones and are now ready to Explore their entrepreneurial side and dip their toes to launch their own start-ups. Innovative ways and strategies were shared on how to move up the career ladder by landing a job or delving into the waters of launching their own startup.

According to Vimal Daga, the Webinar has opened up new possibilities for students and educators lockdown has been the most torturous and grueling phase for the aspiring professionals' and they are still experiencing these difficulties. In addition to the above-mentioned problems Youth in India also faced issues To foster an ecology of mental health, our workshop assembled all the participants at one table and got them interacting, brainstorming, and discussing mental health in tandem with challenges, personal experience, and suggest a solution.

Working from home while being creative also came up during the workshop and Students also suggested ways to remain creative while embracing work-from-home culture in the face of pandemics and yet remain creative. Rajit Paul became part of the IIEC DOT, an organization that created innovative and trending technologies to help individuals cope with covid. He developed machine learning algorithms that could detect patterns in the lungs and determine whether you are sick or not by analyzing whether you are affected by covid or how many chances of getting infected you have.

Manali Jain also pointed out how she kept looking for alternatives without getting restless and sought a job without losing focus or feeling depressed. The grim circumstances didn't dampen her spirits as she did fun activities to keep herself entertained and learning new skills at the same time. She went one step further to join the community service and at the same time developing an app for reaching out to those in need with the support of including food and oxygen. Soon, Manali is planning to set up her own NGO.

Rahul Kumar from Banglore gave an overview of cybersecurity and digital threat issues and offered a number of useful suggestions as to how people can guard themselves against cyber attacks. As Work From home continues to grow at a time of lockdown, leading to many security issues. He further added It is impossible for employees to move into offices, and there are also VPN problems, issues with handling sensitive data, security issues involving laptops, etc. Hackers were attacking databases that contained private and sensitive company information at this time, I developed unique and easy ways for a layman to easily understand technical jargon and prevent themselves from cyber threats, by following these ways they don't have to approach a technology expert.

The story of Harwinder Singh is also inspiring, according to him when the pandemic occurred he was in his hostel and everyone was asked to leave the hostel. He was confused but relentless and as he was searching job he kept on trying relentlessly and was able to find three employees and got three job offers while doing community service with his uncle.

Likewise, Ritish Reddy faced a similar dilemma, and to fill his time with creativity, After searching for different components, he assembled electronic components and parts to develop a drone that will be used for health workers and in covid centers in Jaipur. Amit Sharma, Jyoti Pawar, Shashikant, Neha Sonone, Harshit Dawar, Saurabh Sharma, Anshika Sharma also participated in the event and expressed their side of experiences and solutions.

Report By- Pooja

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