Khadi Natural Healthcare brings to you some of their finest Hair products under their PoweredBOTANICS range

Hair care has always been a struggle for most of us, especially in winters. As a typical norm, we have been using shampoos, conditioners and oil to prevent the damage. However, for people who have fragile and damaged hair should use hair care products that provides some extra moisture and nourishment, choosing the right ingredients is the key.

Khadi Natural Healthcare launches new ranges of products under its PoweredBOTANICS range. Khadi Natural carefully selects botanical herbs that have used for thousands of years in Asian history to create this range. These handpicked herbs are known to hyderate and help combat signs of dryness, dullness and hair breakage. This also helps in rejuvenating mind, body and soul.

Khadi Natural products contains no harmful chemicals and the brand intend to use formulations based on using natural extracts found in plants, seeds, nuts and flowers. The new Neem and Aloevera hair care range is SLS and Paraben free that helps in reducing irritation and itchiness while retaining the natural moisture of hair.

Below are the few variants you can choose from –
Khadi Natural Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser– Neem is a multi-tasking Ayurvedic ingredient that is soothing, cooling, antibacterial, and purifying, making it ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Aloe Vera has powerful calming, hydrating, and moisture-retention properties. Hair regeneration is stimulated.
Price – Rs499.00, 310ml
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Khadi Natural Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Oil
– In this hair oil, the antibacterial properties of neem keep your scalp safe and free of infection, allowing for unrestricted hair growth. Aloe vera stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation, resulting in well-nourished follicles.
Price – Rs 500, 300ml
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Khadi Natural Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner -
Neem keeps the scalp clean by preventing baldness and battling hair lice and scalp infections (if any). Aloe Vera extract contains proteolytic enzymes that aid in the promotion of safe, dandruff-resistant hair with improved strength and texture.
Price – Rs.499, 310ml
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Khadi Natural Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Mask-
On different hair types, the product may produce different results. Natural ingredients are used in this product, and it may change color and aroma without losing effectiveness. Even natural ingredients can trigger/cause allergies. A patch test is advised. Please seek medical advice if you have any rashes or allergies
Price – Rs.499, 200ml
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