Another initiative for youth employment by the beauty and wellness sector skill council

As the beauty and wellness industry in India grows at a pace that is almost twice that of developed markets, it is definitely the 10th fastest growing market in the world, and it is only getting better. Beauty and wellness skill council has been instrumental in the growth of the sector in a way of skilling,

reskilling and shaping the manpower for employability through its role in India. More than 8 lakhs candidates, including 65 percent women, have been000 successfully trained so far under 22 different job roles by BWSSC.  

In order to maintain its commitment to the responsibility of shaping the careers of young people in the field of beauty and wellness, BWSSC has joined hands with , India's leading professional networking and jobs platform. This initiative will provide wide opportunities of employment for its skilled professional community. This long-term focus aims to empower professionals and to assist them in becoming independent.

By taking this step, BWSSC has opened the door for talented and aspiring beauty professionals to go into the field of business. Major preferred job roles in the Beauty and Wellness Industry are – Beauty Therapist, Hair Dresser and Stylist, Bridal Fashion and Photographic Makeup Artist, Nail Technician, Yoga Instructor, Spa Therapist, Assistant Beauty and Wellness Consultant, Wellness Neurotherapist. All these job roles promote inclusive education and thus cover topics like gender inclusiveness, greening of jobs, PWD sensitization,

It has been reported that there were an increase of 11 percent in the number of job positions posted on in the beauty and wellness sector from month to month. The fact that many users have applied for jobs such as beauticians, hairstylists, makeup artists, nail artists, yoga trainers, gym trainers, neurotherapy trainers, etc. during the last month was observed once again.

In the aftermath of Covid, we saw how the Beauty and Wellness industry suffered, leaving numerous people in need of employment. In order to help professionals within this sector, we are taking up initiatives to help them get hired and to find the job of their dreams. We are pleased to partner with, an organization on a mission to improve the livelihood opportunities for society. As a result of the collaboration between B&WSSC &, we are confident that all stakeholders within the beauty and wellness industry will be benefited," said Ms. Monica Bahl, CEO of B&WSSC.

Karna Chokshi, Chief Operating Officer of, commented on the partnership: "The pandemic had an impact on the dynamics of business across sectors. It was no exception within the beauty and wellness industries. Despite the fact that a number of professionals lost their jobs at the start of the pandemic, it is now safe to say that the industry is on track with more unique opportunities available to them. Through our partnership with the Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council, we hope to connect millions of professionals in this industry with hyperlocal opportunities that are available in their neighborhoods.

Following Covid, there has been an influx of businesses adopting new revival business models in the beauty and wellness industry, creating a multitude of employment opportunities for those who are already working in these sectors. Particularly with the growth of models such as salons at home, freelance makeup artists, digital demos, and e-commerce platforms the need for the rising workforce has risen. It is the objective of the B&WSSC to establish an efficient and effective eco-system for the development and transmission of skills in the Beauty and Wellness industry, including content and curriculum, courses, databases, delivery systems as well as standardization of accreditation in order to enhance the employability of the Indian workforce globally.

Dr. Blossom Kochhar, along with a governing board in the form of veteran industry icons, chairs the Council.

Apna currently has 22 million users and is present in 60 plus cities all over the world. Furthermore, there are 2 lakhs of employer partners with Apna. The platform has been enabling 18 million monthly interviews and over 35 million professional conversations every month.

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