The Religare Group steps in to help Delhi’s socially distressed population in a joint initiative with Delhi Police and Udaan Trust

The Religare Group has partnered with Delhi Police and Udaan Trust to establish centres that will address the issues of a catchment area’s socially and economically distressed population. This initiative of the Delhi Police, pioneered by DCP Sh Brijender Yadav, has enabled hundreds of residents in connecting with the Delhi Police and earned a significant amount of encouragement from the common masses. The

Religare group derives its inspiration from DCP Sh Brijender Yadav to participate and join the project.

Earlier today, as a part of the initiative, Samaipur Badli Police Station witnessed the inauguration of a centre to help the distressed sections of the population located in the Bawana & Narela industrial areas and slums. The centre at Samaipur Badli Police Station will serve as the nodal office for the entire initiative and provide vital logistical support.

The novel initiative will see scouts touring the catchment area to identify segments of population that need immediate attention due to extreme social distress. The centre will then, through targeted interventions in education, health, and law enforcement, aim to improve the quality of life of the identified individuals or groups and generate employment. Apart from scouts, the centre will also employ qualified counsellors to integrate the beneficiaries back into society’s mainstream.

Expressing joy on the occasion, Dr. Rashmi Saluja, Executive Chairperson, Religare Enterprises, remarked, "Udaan Trust and Delhi Police have given us a wonderful opportunity to be of service to society. Through the initiative, we will be facilitating and motivating an ignored section of India’s population to contribute to mainstream society. The initiative aligns with our beliefs that a nation's economic development is directly impacted by the health and happiness of its people. We offer our complete support to the initiative and hope that the centre at Samaipur Badli Police Station is the first of many such centres across the capital city.”

The initiative, under which the centre is being established, is one of many such campaigns by the Religare Group to promote inclusive development. The Group sincerely believes that India can only progress when its citizens, across the social and economic spectrum, participate and contribute their might. Through various endeavours, the Group creates a conducive environment for India’s citizens to become stakeholders in its progress.

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