85% of women have not had a mammogram in the past one year: Momspresso.com Breast Cancer Survey

Momspresso.com, India's largest content and influencer platform for women, conducted a survey around breast cancer awareness. Unveiling sombre results about the lack of knowledge about one of the most common malignancies among women globally, the platform found that 85% of females ( 90% in Delhi; 80% in Mumbai, 80% in Chennai, 83% in Kolkata) have not undergone a mammogram in the last 12 months.

Regular screening dramatically reduces breast cancer patients' mortality rate by allowing early-stage identification of the disease. Yet, 64% of the women surveyed have not even considered getting a mammogram. What makes this finding even more worrisome is that 70% of Indian women know someone who has battled breast cancer.

The study results from Momspresso.com are backed by the fact that 13% of the 36% of women who had mammograms got breast cancer, demonstrating the need for frequent screening. With such a grim backdrop, 44% of Indian women still do not know the signs of breast cancer, with awareness levels at their lowest in Chennai (32%).

While campaigns and marathons display pink ribbons symbolic of breast cancer awareness, 24% of women feel that there should be more advertising around it. Creating more conversations about it must become a priority for women-focused brands, as 92% of women want to know more about breast cancer prevention.

Vishal Gupta, Co-founder & CEO  Momspresso, said, "Momspresso.com is committed to the well-being of Indian women. We are hopeful that the survey's findings will raise awareness of the need to learn about the symptoms of breast cancer and adopt preventative steps, such as getting regular mammograms.”

A recent Netflix series, The Bold Type, advocated the importance of routine breast cancer screenings and preventive measures available to women. Momspresso.com's Breast Cancer Awareness survey calls for the Indian media and advertising segment to also increase its focus on signs, prevention, and treatment.

The research conducted by Momspresso HerSights, Momspresso.com's research and insights division, surveyed 3060 women, 97% of whom belonged to the age group of 30-44 years. 65% of the respondents were non-working, whereas 35% worked as business owners, freelancers, employees, etc.

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