Ekaanta Imparts Ancient Indian Wisdom Blended with the Science of Mindfulness

The world around us is evolving rapidly. Today we are inundated with a million thoughts, a hundred problems, and a thousand choices. But in doing all this, are we using our full potential and exploring capabilities that lie within us?

EKAANTA, the world’s first Mindversity on the Ganges gives you one-of-a-kind experiential learning that enhances your knowledge about the mind and how to handle life’s situations with equanimity. It is a distinctive learning destination, on the banks of the timeless Ganges in Haridwar - where ancient wisdom meets modern science, where calmness learns to thrive within chaos.

Your learnings at EKAANTA enable you to lead a fulfilling life by tapping into your inner self and discovering what really matters to you. Imbibe philosophies on modern awareness rooted in ancient wisdom, and re-discover your true self.

Every EKAANTA program is an exclusive cohort of 15 individuals seeking transformation. Explore endless possibilities at EKAANTA with our curated learning programs of two (2) nights three (3) days, conducted by globally renowned Masters of Mindfulness. The Masters, who include Dr. Christopher Willard, Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Ram Nidumolu, Clinical Professor at ISB exclusively impart their teachings, philosophies and effective practices at EKAANTA.

Says Mrs. Shradha Lohia, Founder at EKAANTA, “The mission of our lives must be the creation and achievement of worthy goals. Can we pause for a moment and believe that we are boundless, capable of achieving extraordinary things, and achieving every one of our dreams. Our courses at EKAANTA have been designed keeping mindfulness and transformation at the core of the curriculum.”

Saumya Agarwal, the co-founder of EKAANTA; shares her mother’s sentiment, adding, “mindfulness is no longer a luxury but a necessity.” Surrounded by the green forests of Uttarakhand on one side and the river Ganges on the other, EKAANTA provides a transformational experience for those seeking to navigate the everyday journey of life seamlessly. 

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