Easy Justice, Speedy Justice with Rest the Case promoting Prime Minister's Vision

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent speech during the joint conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts highlighted how digital technology has uplifted India to greater heights and has made information accessible to the common man. His vision for the Indian Judicial System is to make it easily accessible for everyone through digitization.

Lifeline Laboratory Offers Special Nutritional Packages On Mother’s Day

Lifeline Laboratory, one of the premier diagnostic laboratories of Delhi-NCR and North India, is celebrating Mother’s day by offering a 60% discount on Nutritional Packages. The health of women and girls determines the health and well-being of our Modern World. Improving the health, health care and wellbeing of women Worldwide, Lifeline Laboratory is on its mission by taking a step forward.

A free certificate program in entrepreneurial skills to empower women was successfully concluded by B&WSSC

Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (B&WSSC) in its endeavour to empower women and youth in the field of beauty and wellness successfully concluded a ‘Free Certificate Course in Entrepreneurial Skills for budding Women Entrepreneurs’", in collaboration with Collective Good Foundation, under the CSR initiative with a target to train women across India through online and offline classes. 

Informing about the sema, Monica Bahl, CEO, Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council state, "''The core objective of the program was to create a respectable and sustainable livelihood impact for aspiring women entrepreneurs by enhancing theri understanding on the following key skills and aspects that are required for a business to be successful, particularly in this age of technological advancement.

Monica Bahl, CEO, B&WSSC further informed that The course was free for all and offered in Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Industry specific skills and Soft skills. Moreover, the scope of the course became wider as many aspiring women entrepreneurs along with working women and girls from Government and private sector got themself registered for the course. B&WSSC extended this opportunity to Government institutes too that included NSTIs, ITIs, PMKK, PMKVY centres, schools/colleges and industry run private institutes. The course saw an overwhelming response from all corners as an open invitation to register for this FREE course was promoted on RED FM for a week covering various regions. An overwhelming response was received from all the stakeholders. Training was conducted in a blended format of online and offline modules so as to include the established & well known motivational & domain trainers worldwide. Few Prominent trainers included Mr. Rahul Grover, Head of Security Solutions Architect, DXC Technology, UK who trained the beneficiaries on Cyber Security, Ms. Deepti Dange from Persona Stars, Canada trained students on Image Consulting, Mr. Himanshu Shekhar, Leadership Consultant & Transformation Coach from Pune & Ms. Srividya, TEDx Speaker.
This Entrepreneurial Skills Training for budding women entrepreneurs proved to be a
Stepping stones which would help them in their journey to become a successful business
Women as it has enabled them with the knowledge required to make business decisions by identifying and evaluating opportunities efficiently. The outcomes of the training were
• Improved understanding on Financial and Digital Literacy and its utilization in the
journey of being an entrepreneur, Enhanced confidence and entrepreneurial and management skills, Increased familiarity with social media and its uses.Skills required to be a leader to lead from the front, to start a business from scratch.

and to deal with exigencies. B&WSSC has received emotionally over-pouring & encouraging feedback from the beneficiaries and they expressed their views on how these skills and course is going to help them in shaping their entrepreneurial journey in future. 

Diabetes Food: Honey, Substitute for Sugar?

Honey, a sweet liquid made by bees using nectar from flowers. People throughout the world have hailed the health benefits of honey for thousands of years. It is available raw and in a variety of color grades. It contains about 80% trusted source sugar on an average. People remove honey from the hive and bottle it directly, so it may also contain trace amounts of yeast, wax, and pollen.

PNG Coffee, JoeySports and SquashLab forays into India via Kolkata

Papua New Guinea Coffee, one of the most distinguished Coffee in the world has announced its foray into eastern part of India through Kolkata. PNG's foray into West Bengal is believed to create more than 5000 employment opportunities in its different fields ranging from manufacturing to customer services.

Cleopatra Celebrates the Quintessence Culture of Punjab

Women of Patiala team up at Cleopatra Spa, Wellness and beauty Salon to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi in high zeal and verve here today. As an ode to the festivity beauty and makeover experts at Cleopatra  unveiled Traditional yet contemporary looks that were in sync with the festivity, these makeovers were vibrant yet subtle and graceful.

Grand Initiation Ceremony of International University of Health & Technology in Kolkata, Future Roadmap debated by scientists of India and USA

Saturday could be a milestone in the public health Scenario of the country when India's first Public Health University, International University of Public Health and Technology-Kolkata was initiated in presence of distinguished scientists and public health experts from India and USA.