Being Humane

Hinduism and Islam are big and elaborative issues in the world. But question is 'Have these issues influence to calm down the ongoing riots and differences?' And what we will have after discussing over the issue of ‘What should an Indian Muslim or Indian Hindu aspire to be like?'

Why can’t we just focus on
'Being Humane?' That will definitely kill the above not-so-21st Century’s issues.
For that, we don’t need any mass discussion but need to have self-discussion to make a better social and political agenda for life according to our own conscience. Religion can feed us neither Hindus nor Muslim.
That can only benefit Politicos. We have to build the self-understanding that in this century Religion is only a part of dirty politics.

Today, livelihood in inflation is so difficult that one rarely should and can think about his religious responsibilities. In the fastest 24-7 life, one always busy in thinking about the two time a meal he and his family can have.

Who is benefitted by being a Hindu or Muslim? Even, beggars are now quite ignored when ask monetary help on the name of God or Allah.

In a real sense, politicians get more than them when beg vote from majority and minority sections of Indian society. At least, our present political system says so. We need to ignore the political religious claims made by these political parties to grab our attentions and to defame our innocence.

In that way, they make us culprit to create several menaces like we have seen in Gujarat riots, Muzaffarnagar riots etc. If we will stop thinking about the Religion and start thinking about Humanity, our mankind will be best utilized.

-Sonali Choudhary, New Delhi


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Sonali Choudhary said...

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