Freeze your egg Ladies, and get golden Egg

Anmol Tiwari

Well, this is not me offering such tempting deal, but the top companies Facebook and Apple, who are offering woman to freeze their eggs and serve their talent. Facebook and Apple are giving golden egg to tempt woman to freeze their egg and get paid. Yes, now the talented women will get paid if they freeze their egg and postpone their pregnancy. Motherhood may be, an amazing period to suffer, but it is also the peak point for a professional hike for a lady. And so Facebook and Apple, where men outnumber women by such a long shot, have come with this incredible idea of buying woman’s talent with their frozen eggs which can later be defrost any time.
Putting your eggs in the company basket will not just make you rich but will also give time to woman to plan their life themselves. They can get the babies anytime they want. More they will be focused, more business will the company get.

Of course then the workaholic atmosphere and the competitive environment will go at its peak, the work pressure will go high because yes there would be no parenting excuses, no sleepless nights, no planning for teeny party, no worries to pick and drop them to school.
Now if you just turn your face away from the greed and look at another side of the coin, then Is it something to do with the emotions? I say yes, how can you learn the pain unless you child does not feel it? How would you bring out the best mother in you? You would surely be having the best career, the best job, but not the best life, not that peace. Peace you get when you go home and one sweet innocent thing, waiting all day long for you, hugs you tight and you just forget everything else in this world. However, there will be no one tearing your important documents, office files, teasing you when you are not in mood, asking innocent stupid questions, plucking your hair, but for that matter, office hours and work pressure would be just enough to blow off your mind, everything rest will seem beautiful to you.

This new idea can be even more stressful than parenting a kid. People love to spend some family time when they are being welcomed with top notch work pressure, don’t you? So now when you would not be having any family at the age everybody till date does, all you would be dealing is your work, job, pressure, target completion and that’s it. Late night work, and travel for work instead of vacations with family and you would not be excused to raise a tip of a finger.

“Freeze your egg, Free your egg” but the real life is a way complicated that this catchy headline. Life is meant to have different but worth experiencing stages which keeps changing your mind, your heart, and the way to see the situations. If a woman keeps her health, energy, the shape of her body at the stake of risks, the outcome gives her no reasons to regret.

And if you are not planning to have baby right now, then this offer is going to be just another solace and best deal so far. If you love your job, the workaholic atmosphere and its fun dealing with high pressures and targets for you, then leave all other tension to the company, because the company is going to take it all. You keep your egg safe, fill your wallet and then take it back whenever you are ready to have a new born. Earlier women had their babies at 16-18, their prime job was to look after their kid, the current generation is having a baby just double that age, and perhaps the future generation will be able to have their kids at 60 as well. No matter what consequences she along with her family bears. Well, that is why both the companies have given ladies a choice to have a glimpse on her career aspects. Compulsion is nowhere but yes the topic has become hot. Let’s see where it will take the world to.  

Are they planning to bring something to freeze the sperm as well? God knows!

-Anmol Tiwari

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