Quarantining Boredom- Namrata Dey

Exploring the few aspects of yourself in a situation as difficult as the times today, would be a way to start experiencing something new. A fight we all are facing with the non-congeniality of this virus is something to keep in mind.
For the days to go by without a sense of doing nothing, here are a few ways to dive deep into the realms of your creativity :-

1. Of course, we all are very well aware of our reading skills, but to make life a bit more interesting you could start creating stories of your own and publishing them. Wattpad being the sheer example of newbies like all of us.
2. Art is only a word unless you create more than you think. Try your hands at painting,  doodling and bottle painting as well. Who said happiness could only be achieved with a smile, it could also be by mixing colours and achieving something new.
3. No one could possibly know the power of make-up unless one uses it. For some of the selfie freaks out there, getting dressed and using make-up for making tutorials and becoming an influencer on some of the social media could be a striking joy for many.
4. Cooking is a way of expressing art in terms of food. The mere worth of being able to make something on your own and feeding it to your family, is happiness redefined. Who knows, maybe you could be bonding on family time as well !
5. Who said that workouts are only possible in gyms, it doesn't generally have to work that way. Simple exercises that include yoga and meditation could be done in the restriction of the four walls of your house. As Rihanna would like to "Work work work..."
6. Virtuality is somewhere beating reality these days... To help you from avoiding getting bored, online games like PubG, Temple Run, Ludo, Subway Surfer not only helps add fun to your life, but also create new friends virtually out there.
7. One could also play indoor games with family members and help do household chores that could be fun, if taken in a positive way. Not to mention that our moms would definitely love a little help sometimes!
8. Video calling our near and dear ones has become the most essential part of life these days, as we understand the importance of life without them. Appreciating your close ones and making everyone feel wanted at a time like this, is something that we all crave for.
9. During these hardships, one could definitely try self-care. I'm sure that all of us have immense time on our hands to take out some time to take care of ourselves in terms of sanitisation and health. Our skin and most importantly our body requires equal care as much as we use to care for others. So, show some love !
10. Lastly, education, though seems to have come to a standstill, but not with the presence of online classes. This definitely makes life much more easy for those who could use these classes to gain knowledge and submit the required material on time.

So, all you people out there, stay safe, stay healthy and keep bonding !

- Namrata Dey


PC said...

Awesome write up! Keep at it. Looking forward to more 👌👌

Durgeshnandini Naik said...

Interesting things to do

Unicorn_love said...

Good writting skills

Unicorn_love said...

Good writting skills...look forward to read more

Jisun Sarkar said...

This Is Quite Good .

Durgeshnandini Naik said...

Nice one

Unknown said...

Appreciable 👏